Maximize Your Workout


You may have been working out for some time and feel you are not progressing fast enough.

Although making progress is not something that happens in a short period of time there are ways to ensure you are maximizing your progress.

Overtraining is bad for you.

As Studies shown from The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia ** it says that over training is bad for you and could possibly take weeks to months of recovery with only resting or minimal exercise. Muscles are grown while you rest therefore it is required to have proper resting time and work out only 3-4 times a week. The same goes when trying to lose weight. Lowering your sustenance intake way too drastically and overtraining will be counterproductive making you burn out when training and causing your metabolism to slow down in attempt to protect your body from the drastic change. In order to prevent overtraining the workouts should be about 1 hour long (10min pre-workout, 30-40min workout 10min or so post workout) and gradually increase the intensity and weight.


Proper form is crucial.

If you can’t do the exercise properly lower the weights. Doing any form or exercise improperly can lead you to injury and not help you make progress. One way to ensure the exercise is done properly is to look in the mirror as you are doing it. If the type of exercise is difficult to do (for example a body exercise that requires no weights) do it slowly step by step and gradually speed it up until you reach the speed it needs to be done in. There are plenty of expert trainers that show videos online on how to do an exercise which is much better than just reading on how to do them and it’s free. But the best way to ensure you are doing it properly is by having a good certified trainer help you because they can point out exactly what you are doing wrong and how to do it properly.

Don’t waste time at the gym.

There are times when the amount of people at the gym prevent you from using the equipment you need. If that’s the case having a backup plan is ideal. The plan can consist of using different equipment to continue your workout and/or also use body weight exercises or exercises with only dumbbells to target the same areas the equipment would have done for you.

It is true there are benefits of having a workout buddy, like them being your spotter, and you may find a lot of people you can converse with for hours but too much talk and little training is not good. Motivating each other and having more fun while doing it will encourage you to look forward to training.

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