Take It All In


 What you do after your work out is just as important as what you do before it.

Foam rolling, which is recommended by doctors, is an efficient way to stretch tight or sore muscles and tendons it will initially be a bit painful but it is a good pain just like when you get a massage.  One of the areas foam rolling exercises shine is that it has the ability to stretch hard to stretch areas like the iliotibial band. Whenever you do foam roller exercises it is imperative that you do the exercise properly or it can lead to injury.


Static stretching, which consists of you holding a position that stretches you for 10 seconds or more, can be done if you want to further increase flexibility but not necessary.

The final step is meditation. Doing a meditation helps you take it all in by reducing your stress, sleeping better, reduce chronic pain, slowing down aging and becoming more focused. There are many types of meditation and you will need to look for the one that works best for you. The three categories of meditation are: Open monitoring, Automatic self-transcending, and Focused attention. We will be going into further depth on meditation in future articles but basically Open monitoring are meditations that are allowing all experiences to go through your awareness without manipulation.  Focused attention is self-explanatory and it is focusing on one experience. Automatic self-transcending starts off with thinking, like the other two, but then becomes “being” and take your mind to its inner source of wakefulness and alertness.


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